The Group

VRESSO has developed into a group of companies:


VRESSO Lebanon, serving Lebanon and the regional countries in sales and distribution of full line Food Service and Laundry Equipment.
Vresso International is the arm operating in different parts of the world, contracting Food Service and Laundry Equipment with hotel chains, catering, chain accounts, airport concessions, etc…
Vresso-Qatar W.L.L. was established January 2007 in Doha/Qatar with complete sales, installation and
service team, doing projects of hotels, stadiums, airports, museum and universities.
VRESSO in IRAQ ERBIL/KURDISTAN region was established in November 2013 in order to cater the requirements of the hospitality sector in the country, entering to the market professional equipment and exceptional service.
VRESSO Jordan was established in June 2014 in order to cater the requirements of Food Services & Laundry Equipment of projects, installation & services contracted by the group.
Cutlass was acquired by Vresso in 1999 located at the heart of Beirut City, Cutlass SAL serves the same industry in addition to supermarkets, delis, convenience stores and distribution of equipment.
Sabounjian factory manufactures custom stainless steel products for commercial kitchens, hospitals, resorts, restaurants, standard and custom as specified by consultants.